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康达:志 心 慧 愿

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Now it comes to an era carrying on history and creating future.
It’s an era for us to address challenges with innovative mind.
People’s need for high quality life won’t change although the world is changing so quickly.
    Whether in shopping or working, people find that safe,swift and smooth elevators have become indispensable important part of high quality life.
    With the development of the Asian emerging market, Konda Elevator Company is doing its best to lead the future in Nanchang, in China or even on earth with the attitude and ambition as well as original ideas of the strong, which promises a brand legend in Chinese elevator industry.


志:开拓力,构筑电梯行业典范 Operation: practicing the model among elevator industries with pioneering spirit
As a professional manufacturer introducing the world-class technology of elevator automation control, and as the complex of elevator research and development, manufacturing, marketing, installing and maintenance, Konda Elevator Company has accumulated its own achievements of scientific research and technology with independent intellectual property rights through technical innovation. It is determined to provide the whole world with great variety of reliable products: high-speed passenger lifts, residential lifts, medical lifts, freight lifts, sight-seeing lifts, escalators, moving walkways, villa lifts and no-machine-room freight lifts, etc., following the spirit of “constantly go further and do better” and setting clients’ satisfaction as the evaluation standard for its products and services. Konda has now formed a style of the classical brand of world famous elevators, in the different areas of city life ranging from residential houses to commercial houses, from medical buildings to public services.

    在康达,从产品开发设计、供应链客户服务、合同管理到生产制造 、安装维保, 全过程标准化严格执行ISO9001质量管理体系,每一件产品的生产都已经全程标准化、规范化, 铸就了康达电梯产品的过硬品质。康达电梯已获得国家质检总局颁发的A级资质的《特种设备制造许可证》及江西省质量技术监督局颁发的A级资质的《特种设备安装改造维修许可证》。公司的设计、生产、安装、维修保养能力均得到国家认可。
In Konda, the standardization of whole process from developing and designing,supply-chain-customer service,contract management to manufacturing,installing and maintenance is carried out strictly based on ISO9001 quality management system so as to ensure the competitive advantage of Konda elevators. Konda Elevator has acquired A-level “Special Equipment Installation, Modification And Maintenance License” issued by Jiangxi Provincial Bureau of Quality and
Technical Supervision as well as A-level “Special Equipment Manufacturing License” issued by AQSIQ(Administration of Quality Supervision,Inspection and Quarantine). As a result, the company’s capability of design, production, installation and maintenance is officially acknowledged to the maximum extent.


So far, tens of specifications of Konda Elevators are being in service in China and are marching on and on to the world.Konda Elevator has stepped into the line of elevator companies with both the whole variety and great rated load.


心:源动力 构建企业文化价值体系 Motivation: building corporate culture value system as driving force
As is known, culture is the soul of the enterprise and talents are the core. Konda Elevator is committed to the establishment of employment mechanism of fair competition and incentive measures based on the standard of internationalization of talent selection, high qualification of talent application and institutionalization of talent management, adhering to the people-centered concept. Konda manages to give its employees development space to have them keep pace with Konda development. In addition, Konda supplies its employees with rec and service centre, and sports places as well. All staff here hopefully will give play to their full potential and unite as one to reach their ideal future.

Konda Elevator has gained honors of Chinese well-known brands, AAA-level enterprise of trustworthy international quality and service, the preferred product of national comfortable housing demonstration project and the first-choice green product, etc.. Furthermore, Konda extensively co-operates with colleges and universities by setting up the R & D centre of special equipment manufacturing and the talent training base to guarantee the supply of talents and technology for the Konda development.


慧:创造力,助推全球核心产业 Innovation:boosting global core industries with creative power
Each Konda product, from super high speed elevators to no-machine-room freight elevators with technology of permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction means the glorious achievement of the application of advanced technology.
Abiding by safe, energy-saving, comfortable and efficient R & D standard, Konda engineers put the use of the technology of IT-environment energy into the comprehensive field of elevators, escalators and building integrated services for the purpose of energy conservation and environmental protection so as to achieve more cost savings of elevator operation to the benefit of sustainable development.
Konda Elevator advocates service philosophy of city architecture transporting solution-- to bring customers the greatest value with optimization of comprehensive cost via modularization operation of investment evaluation, elevator configuration, building projects, elevator installation, maintenance & renewal, and remote monitoring of elevators.


愿:影响力,展望企业愿景】Expectation: planning for bright future of the company as a good influence
With the emergence of new-pattern industrial cluster of economic circle surrounding Poyang Lake, Nanchang has become a pivot point in the strategy of rise of central China, and as a result the blueprint of Big Nanchang metropolitan economic zone is spreading out.
    康达电梯公司植根于这个充满活力气息的城市中,开启蓬勃崛起的盛世华章。置身在中国,乃至世界经济建设的大舞台上,康达人豪情满怀,不断开拓进取,沐浴着时代的春风,致力于为人们提供安全、舒适、快捷的城市运载系统解决方案,康居广厦 达信万家。康达电梯!
Konda elevator company rooted in this dynamic city is thriving day by day. Bathed in the spring breeze of the times in the stage of the Chinese and global economical construction, the company staff are engaged enthusiastically and positively in providing secure,comfortable and rapid elevator transporting solution for its users , as the implication of Chinese Konda itself puts it, “To ensure thousands of families a healthy way to live in mansions with faith in Konda”. Konda Elevator!





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